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Us Army Helicopter Gunship 3D

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Us Army Helicopter gunship strike 3d

Are You Ready For This Us Army Helicopter gunship strike 3d game. Start Us war by sitting in gunship gunner strike of Thunder Us Helicopter and beat enemy with your army gunship helicopter full loaded with Guns and Missiles.

This Us Army Helicopter gunship war need to heavy gunship helicopter in different missions. Enemy base and Enemy camp is also full loaded with heavy Gunship Tanks you need to take care of that and avoid tower enemy as it can destroy your Us gunship helicopter and camp enemy as well. A full scale Us army war is on the cards and you have been assigned to a gunship strike package deep within enemy territory to destroy their operations and their build up. You are the pilot of a army gunship helicopter who is directed by FAC's into position for a close air support secret mission.

Your targets will be marked and you will be required to destroy them with your machine guns and powerful hellfire gunship rockets. You must use your radar effectively to neutralize all enemies target as they come online and destroy the enemy bases. You reached on an island and your destroy enemy camps with your Us gunship air battle gunner . While returning from the us army raft survival mission, the enemy destroyed modern gunship helicopter on an island near you. This was Us Army Helicopter gunship strike 3d which they destroyed by elite gunship shooting with a machine gunner shooting gun. Most of Us Army soldiers survived from helicopter crash but they got imprisoned by terrorists squad.

The Army gunship strike air war fearless fighter needs your help to survive this enemy war zone. Survive the escape mission in an island among stranded deep ocean. An ultimate survival adventure! in which you Fight for your own life and their life. Us Army commando are specially trained for survival missions where the odds are against you. This Survival mission will be toughest challenge and test of your combat battle skills.

Your ultimate duty is to protect your army gunship helicopter & follow military army commando soldiers order on the land to control combat & in the sky from the ruthless enemy forces. Being equipped with the latest machine gunner and rocket launcher missile you need to strike & destroy their air war craft carrier ships in the sea before it reach to the dry port eliminate rival attack soldiers, and destroy motor boats on the world sea, the warships battle and air fighter is assign to demolished the enemy bases. Don’t let the enemy shoot you and imprison you in this hidden island. Use medical kit to heal injuries. Also get some food and water for your survival.

Its time to starts your stealth operations to get free from this enemy forces hell. Elite US army has given you this epic chance to become real army commando 3d hero by shooting down the brutal terrorist group in a stealth. Whoever gets in your duty, is a hurdle and real Us Army Helicopter gunship strike 3d knows how to overcome hurdles. This is the real Us army critical survival mission so be prepared for a survival war. 

★★Us Army Helicopter gunship 3d features ★★

★ Good sound effects
★ Complex and challenging missions

★ Test your pilot skills, Special Mission

★ Optimized and real helicopter controls

★ Realistic 3D graphics and stunning visual effects

★ Latest Us Army Gunship Battle Helicopters to select

★This is best Us army gunship strike free action game 2018

★ Realistic 3d environment with mobile shooting tussle game

★ Multiple Us helicopters with a variety of weapons and equipment


Download and enjoy free action Us army helicopter gunship strike 3d game on Google play store 

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